Kubby’s trial continues

California libertarian politician and medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby continues to fight for his family’s freedom. Kubby and his wife Michele are being prosecuted on marijuana charges in Placer County (see CC#18, Candidate Kubby), which has recently stepped up its harassment and persecution of medical marijuana patients.
Kubby’s lawyers asked that his trial start date, scheduled for late July, be delayed so they could examine evidence received late from the district attorney’s office. As with almost every other ruling in the case, the judge ruled against Kubby and his trial is scheduled to start August 1.

Kubby has mounted a vigorous public campaign to oust the Placer County sheriff, Board of Supervisors and other officials responsible for violations of Prop 215. His case was favorably covered by the nationally-syndicated television show Inside Edition on July 2, and he continues to receive positive coverage from major media. The trial is expected to last a month.

* Steve Kubby: Monarch Bay Plaza #375, Dana Point, CA 92629-3424; email [email protected]; web www.kubby.com