Ontario hemp convention

The sixth annual convention of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) will be held near Orangeville, Ontario this coming September 23-25, so that American delegates can witness the Canadian hemp harvest first hand and pony up for the next century. This will be the first time that the HIA convention has been held outside the United States.
With over 360 active members, HIA represents the cream of New World hemp players of scale ? many of whom are deeply involved in hemp politics. Canadian hosts Larry DuPrey, Ruth Shamai, David Marcus and Paul Chang, are preparing a warm welcome for their American cousins, who are coming North to scope out future opportunities.

HIA’s chief organizational rival, the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) will not be attending the three days of lectures, field trips and marketing parties in a cheerful, deep woods setting. NAIHC president Bud Schultz refers to HIA as “a bunch of old potheads” and avoids any contextual contamination from the marijuana compromised hempster fringe.

The NAIHC is a conservative, Wisconsin based hemp organization, run by an ex CIA director who engages sacked CIA agents, retooled as all-American hemp lobbyists, to sniff around government and big business piggybanks for handouts to kickstart hemp farming in America, with NAIHC as the only rider in the saddle.

Canadian hemp Granddaddy Larry DuPrey, hemp host de honour for the HIA convention, sees no reason for anyone to squabble. He tells me, “The new century belongs to hemp, not to anyone in particular,” adding that “hemp food will be the likely winner at first, but building materials and paper won’t be far behind.”

DuPrey believes that the Americans will sow their own first experimental hemp plots early in the new century, and graduate to licensed, inspected commercial hemp 2-3 years after that.

? Hemp Industries Association: tel (707) 874-3648; email [email protected]; web www.thehia.org
? North American Industrial Hemp Council: tel (608) 258-0243; email [email protected]; web www.naihc.org