Suing the state for enforcement

Oakland-based activist attorney Bill Simpich is suing California Governor Bill Lockyer for not implementing medical pot Proposition 215, passed by referendum in 1996. Simpich is angry that patients and caregivers are still being harassed and arrested for growing medicinal marijuana.
“Lockyer and his predecessor Dan Lungren have violated their oaths of office by their handling of 215,” Simpich says. “As elected constitutional officers, they have the responsibility to ensure that the will of the people is implemented.

“Lungren actively worked with the feds to destroy 215, and Lockyer ran an election campaign last year saying that he was totally different from Lungren and would do whatever it took to make the law work. He hasn’t, and I’m filing a lawsuit that demands that he and other government officials and agencies do their job and see that this law is put into effect immediately.”

Proposition 215 activists are fighting back outside the courtroom as well. The Libertarian Party, Steve Kubby and other medical pot advocates have set up a website (, that allows people to easily send direct pro-215 emails to highly-ranked federal officials. Anybody with an email address, no matter their locale, is encouraged to log on and send some truth.