Rebel juror conviction overturned

On April 29, Colorado juror Laura Kriho was found not guilty of contempt of court by the Colorado Court of Appeals. Kriho was originally charged with contempt after she served as a juror for a case of a man charged with possession of methamphetamine.
Kriho’s fellow jurors testified that she urged them not to find the defendant guilty because of the harshness of the impending sentence, and because drug cases should be handled by families instead of the courts.

Also, during jury selection Kriho failed to disclose that she was a member of a pro-hemp organization, and that 11 years earlier she had plead guilty to possession of LSD and received a “deferred sentence” which included no criminal record.

The appeals judge reversed Kriho’s contempt of court conviction, claiming that her jury-room deliberations were constitutionally protected and not admissable as evidence against her. It is possible that state attorneys will appeal the decision, or try her again without using the jury-room transcripts.