Ed Rosenthal’s bud of the month

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Bud of the Month

I took this close-up of a mature bud while practicing with my new lens. It elucidates all of the bud’s structures. The plant is an indica-sativa hybrid ready in 65 days.

Edmonton, Alberta

Plant of the Month

This plant was so top heavy we had to hold the tops up by tying them to a line hung between two trees. This well adapted plant, now in its twentieth generation at 2500 feet, smelled sweeter with each passing day.

Finally, in the first week of October, we chopped her down.

Although I grew others I am still smoking mostly this sweet cinnamon for my morning smoke. It’s quite uplifting and stamps the day with enthusiasm.

Secret mountain location

Garden of the Month

This was my very first garden and I can’t believe how easy it was. I used a wick system. A kiddie pool, 3/8? nylon wicks, fertilizer and a 1000 watt HPS.

Miss Winter Smoke,
Salt Springs, BC