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NL x Thai/Hawaiian ? Joker’s Archive

This sativa dominant hybrid is pot of the highest order. The Thai and Hawaiian genetics were actually brought back to Canada from the countries of origin. This is some of the best pot I have smoked since Ad’s NL#5 x Haze. This bud is 10 out of 10! Don’t panic, it’s organic! Properly cured to a beautiful golden colour, flushed right, and a clean grey even burning ash. Extreme soaring cerebral high that lasts for hours. Well done! Kudos to “RJ”, I think you just graduated.

Shiskaberry ? Spice of Life original

MEGA-CRYSTAL! Super-sticky, super-sweet, super strong! Everything you could ask for and expect from a hydroponically grown bud. The resin from a half-smoked spliff started soaking through the outside of a King-sized Smoking Red. I was very impressed with the overall appearance of this pot. It was very dense and dry with little excess leaf and stem. I know there were a lot of Shiska-eggs distributed world-wide. So be sure and look high and low for a cutting, you won’t be disappointed.


Basic Kif-making

The outdoor season in these parts was long and plentiful and there was much rejoicing. Now it’s December, your outdoor harvest is nearing the end of its rope, and your indoor fruit bud will be ready soon. Time for some xmas sippin’ hash!

Go to an art supply store and pick up a couple of feet of 100 mesh silkscreen. If you’re in Vancouver BC, tell them you’re making hash. If you’re anywhere else, tell them you’re making T-shirts for your bowling team. Attach the screen to a frame about 18? by 30?. Be sure to pull the screen really tight because you will be applying pressure to it.

Take your extremely dry, crumbly pot and de-stem it thoroughly so that there are no jagged bits. Put it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Place your framed screen on a flat, dry surface, preferably glass. Now take a handful of your cold, dry bud and crumble it onto the screen. Rub it all over the screen until the pot is broken up into small bits.

Look under the screen and Voila! A bounty of golden dust. Collect and smoke.


The Vansterdam Scene

They’re still puffin’ tuff down at Sister Icee’s Hemp BC and Cannabis Cafe. But I must mention the ridiculous amount of energy and tax dollars that City Hall and the VPD are wasting on the 300 block of West Hastings. I don’t have space for all the details, check out for the latest news. But can you believe they refused entry to the donut patrol, for three days in a row no less! They’re waging a revolutionary war down there. To all the staff, you guys rock! Paul Revere’s got nothing on you.

We are winning. There’s more in-your-face public support than even before. Every day the doors are open is another brick from the wall.

I would like to thank City Hall and the VPD for their outrageous behaviour. You must know how ridiculous you look, and that only drives our point more glaringly home.

Thumbs Up:

* to David Malmo-Levine, arrested for playing hackey-sack in the park across from Hemp BC. Sister Icee and Hilary Black hugged him until the cops let him go. The lawyers and news cameras helped a bit too.
* 3rd anniversary for British Columbia Seed Co. Congrats to you Mr Pickens, a true pioneer.
* For all you need to grow, I highly recommend my best buds at Harvest Springs: (604) 469-2709.