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Just part of the Vancouver landscapeJust part of the Vancouver landscapeAttitude of violation
I’m a grower who has had a similar experiences to the recent terrorism at Hemp BC. In August of ’96, the Richmond RCMP entered my residence with only the permision of a guest (Trespassing!) and destroyed my garden. They told my guest that they would surely be obtaining a warant within the hour, and that if she didn’t sign their consent form she would be implicated and her son could be taken from her.

Being somewhat naive to police tactics she allowed them to enter. The broke down the door and removed my garden as well as most of the valuable equipment contained therein.

What they left behind they totally destroyed, flooding my basement in the process. Aside from some vague threats, no charges were ever laid, nor was I ever contacted in person by any representative of the bust team.

What concerns me most is the attitude of the police: that if they have no intention of laying charges it is acceptable to violate the rights of any person or company, providing they feel justification. This cannot be allowed to continue.

What also concerns me is that the police were at my house in the first place. I feel betrayed by those I trusted, and would like to bring to attention the importance of discretion to those who chose to grow at home. The more herb that is grown without interferance from the authorities, the more affordable and available it will be for all concerned.


Crazy from the shrooms

Dear Marc Emery,

I was enlightened to read about Hemp BC in Vancouver in an issue of High Times. I was planning on getting hooked up to the best buds and hash, and the future looks bright in Canada.

I wonder if you could introduce me to some cool dealers with the best goods. I hope that you can introduce me to some respectable people who won’t harm me, because I had this one dealer who was going to kill me if I stopped buying from her. But man, her shit sucked, so I told her I went insane from eating shrooms.

All I want is to have a similar time to Chris Eudaley from High Times. What are the laws for pot smoking out there? What are the prices for seven grams of KD Hash Plant, Kali Mist, Afghani and Jamaican Hash? Just the best.

I want this trip to kick Amsterdam in the ass.

Thanks for the time.

Marc forwarded this letter to me from the Little Grow Shop, as an example of some typical questions from our cousins south of the border.

For the record: neither Hemp BC nor Marc Emery sell actual marijuana buds. Although it?s generally acceptable to smoke and share pot in the store and the Cannabis Cafe, selling on the premises is not tolerated.

Marijuana bought on the street in Vancouver is very rarely labelled as “Kali Mist” or “Hash Plant”. It’s more likely to be “East Van Basement” or maybe “Island Outdoor”.

Seven grams of quality bud in Vancouver generally costs $70-80, down to a low of $50 for an exceptionally good deal or very bad grass. Multiply those figures by 60-70% for US$.

Avoid dealers who threaten to kill you, for any reason.

Shrooms don’t drive you crazy.

? DL

Shun the greedy dollar grabbers

In early December, Edmonton City Police raided The Plant on Edmonton’s Northside. They stole a lot of pipes and magazines, charged two staff under Section 462.2, and issued a warrant for owner Dave Simpson.

As one of a limited number of cannabis advocacy workers in Edmonton, I would like to provide additional insight into the scenario.

1) According to prominent signs in the shop and verbal reminders from the staff, all products sold in The Plant are for use with tobacco only.

2) Owner Dave Simpson is an astute businessman. A self-described “pot smoking old hippy” to the best of my knowledge he has never donated a dollar nor an hour towards opening the debate on pot prohibition.

3) The value of the time and effort exerted by Edmonton’s advocate, lobbyist and retailer, True North Hemp Company, to open debate, educate and inform and keep people out of jail is close to the dollar value of the stock seized by The Plant.

The raid on The Plant is bad, but not as bad as if a Kind retailer with their eyes on an end to prohibition had been targeted. I know if True North were raided it would slow down our advocacy work, but the raid on The Plant affected only one thing: a personal pocketbook.

True to the bone activists always have to be wary of culture vultures, sometimes lying down with them, sometimes educating them, frequently fighting against their influence. A story like this could be used to demonstrate to your readership that they should make an effort to spend their pipe dollars in advocacy based stores for a better return to the cannabis community, and shun the greedy dollar-grabbers.

Amanda Stewart,
Manager, True North Hemp Company,
Cannabis Relegalization Society of Alberta,
Editor, Indications Magazine,
Producer, High Culture Cannabis Radio Show.

Although I’d personally prefer for every Canadian hemp store to label their pipes as “for marijuana use only”, I cannot judge or condemn those who do not do so.

Of those individuals charged with marijuana offences who have been assisted by True North, how many were activists and freedom fighters? I suspect very few, just as most growers also don’t support the cause with their profits.

On the other hand, simply providing pipes or growing pot in this harsh legal climate is in and of itself an act of support for cannabis culture.

I applaud your efforts, and I believe cannabis consumers are well advised to spend their bong-bucks in stores which plough their profits back into thelegalization front, but we cannot tolerate raids against any manufacturer or retailer of pipes and bongs, just as we must oppose the persecution of all marijuana cultivators, dealers and smokers, regardless their involvement or attitudes in the legalization cause.

? DL


1998- The night air is cold and oh so crisp. Ice storms to the West and stormy seas all ’round.

The stargazers brave the harsh winds in search of heavenly celestial bodies. Eyes water, breath catches, but the smoke is rich and warm.

The air becomes sweet, intoxicating!

Stargazers name the shooting stars: Purple #1

It’s very cold out tonight. Let’s go inside and drink some sherry.Just part of the Vancouver landscape

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