Legal hemp in ’98? Only if we push. . .

So you thought legal hemp by 1998 was a sure thing in Canada? Guess again. It could be the year 2000 if the bureaucracy gets its way.

Cannabis-friendly Senator Lorna Milne spoke at a BC hemp conference in November, and said that she had initially expected the hemp regulations to be ready by Spring of 1996. When she realized they would not be ready by that time she called in officials from the Department of Health, and discovered that “the year 2000 was the date being bandied about.”

Under pressure from the Senate, the officials promised the draft regulations would be out in August or September of 1997 – a full year ahead of their earlier timeline – and that the final regulations would be proclaimed into force by January of 1998.

Milne explained that “it is now November, we still don’t have the draft regulations, and the bureaucrats are stonewalling all my inquiries.”

Milne urged her audience to “write two letters ? one to your own MP asking about the status of hemp regulations for Bill C-8… Sound off about the potential economic benefit being denied to farmers. Your second letter should go to the Minister of Health asking the same thing.”

Milne assured the conference that she would continue working to push for hemp and pressure officials with “judicious grilling and frying in front of the Senate Finance Committee.”

We have included a card in this issue which you can sign and send to Health Minister Allan Rock, postage free. We encourage you to write your own letter instead, and to give the card to a friend to sign and mail.

By Dana Larsen