P.R.I.D.E. before a Fall


Just days before the June 97 federal election, a full-page advertisement sponsored by PRIDE Canada appeared in the Globe and Mail. It was their epitaph and SOS; one last cry for dollars and support for their pot-prohibition barge floundering at low tide on the sea of subsidy.

Just before they went down, PRIDE sounded the alarm that the “Canadian Drug Strategy” had expired in March, and no rescue cash had come their way to fund their anti-drug programs. This past March, PRIDE confesses, also saw what they call a “liberalized” marijuana law put out their fire and wash away their momentum.

Government funding had been a banana boat ride for PRIDE (Parent Resources Institute for Drug Education) and other such PTA wannabe home teams during the 1980’s. When the gravy dried up in the 90’s they were not viable enough to make it on their own steam.

PRIDE moans how “people thought the whole problem of drug use had been solved.” To those who may believe, “Oh, this doesn’t involve me, my kids aren’t into drugs,” Director Curie says “Wrong!” and that smoking marijuana is unsuitable for school-age children. We couldn’t agree more, few indeed wish this otherwise.

As PRIDE comes before its fall, it makes one last cheesy wave to the pirates and sticks out its thumb to solicit a lift back to the beach. PRIDE notes that illicit drugs are a $20 billion dollar market in Canada; a mere 1% set aside for them would pay the costs of their anti-drug programs. That’s $200 million, and only $6.25 per Canadian. PRIDE is slutting over to the other side, cap in hand, ready to do business with their former foes, the pot people.

PRIDE Director Anne Currie taps out a final may-day on the full page final curtain by stating: “Canada needs an expansive, informed approach to illegal drugs that includes awareness, prevention through education, and where necessary, treatment.”

Send your check for $6.25 whenever.

PRIDE Canada, 208-111 Research Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 3R2; email [email protected]

By Dr Alexander Sumachfinis