Hitler in the House

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Hitler in the House


It seems that at least one Canadian Senator was not swayed by evidence presented by pot proponents Marc Emery, Dana Larsen and the others from the contingent for euphoric choice last year.

In February, Liberal Senator John Landry, age 75, shocked his cooler colleagues with comments about remedial action to ban a dangerous gasoline additive chemical ? MMT ? from Canadian fuel supplies. He thought from the bottom of his rusty fish-hook of a heart that tough measures are necessary, and would do good service dealing with recreational drug use as well.

“If Hitler wasn’t sure on MMT, he would ban it outright. Hitler would not have hesitated to ban anything that might have hurt his goals of creating a super nation,” said Landry, adding “Canada should not take chances with potentially harmful products such as MMT.” This chemical is banned in the USA.

Colourful talk on a dull winter day, but the Right Honourable went on to say, “Maybe we should have a bit more Hitler in us.” Cut to black and white.

While Senator Landry doesn’t endorse the actions of German Wartime Chancellor of the 3rd Reich Mr A Hitler in any other way, he adds that the mid-century dictator would have been able to solve such problems as drugs in a jiffy.

“He would shoot everybody and it wouldn’t be a problem to him.”

By Dr Alexander Sumachfinis