The Pope Can’t Cope~

Cannabis Canada Issue #8 – The Pope Can’t Cope


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      The Pope
      Can’t Cope

      The Pontiff Burns Tobacco


      January 22 the Vatican leapt into Italy’s burning drug debate, calling
      for tobacco to be banned because smoking is an addictive habit equivalent
      to using heroin.?

      ??? Support
      for decriminalization of marijuana has been building in Italy, and many
      Italian cities have come out in favour of the idea over the past few years,
      including Venice and Turin. There is also open support for marijuana reform
      among a strong minority of the Italian Parliament, and their Supreme Court
      is in the midst of deciding whether a national referendum should be allowed
      on the issue.

      ??? The Vatican
      statement, issued by the Pontifical Council for the Family with the approval
      of the Pope, was clearly issued to sway public opinion in case a referendum
      takes place. It claims that drugs cannot be divided into hard and soft
      categories, that all are dangerous and addictive, and that legalizing drugs
      would be akin to legalizing murder.

      ??? Although
      we’re not much for Bible quoting here at CC, we’d like to mention one of
      Jesus’ lesser quoted quotes. “It’s not what goes into a man’s mouth which
      defiles him, but rather that which comes out of it.”

      Bianca Sind