Smoke Signals – CC 08

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      A Savoury Sampling of Stories and Scuttlebutt, Seasoned
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Other Demon Weed
The War on tobacco users heats up.

?? The
expected life enjoyment of Canadian tobacco smokers has dropped quite a
bit over the past few months. Last November, our government announced a?
comprehensive anti-tobacco strategy, including tax hikes, anti-smuggling
initiatives to counteract the tax hikes, and Bill C-71, The Tobacco Act.??

Pope Can’t Cope
The Pontiff
Burns Tobacco

?? On January
22 the Vatican leapt into Italy’s burning drug debate, calling for tobacco
to be banned because smoking is an addictive habit equivalent to using

to Heal, Licensed to Wheel
Grant Kreiger Gets a Ticket
to Ride

? In January,
42-year-old Grant Krieger received his driver’s license from the Saskatchewan
Government, even though he admitted on his application that he consumes
marijuana on a regular basis to relieve the muscle spasms and pain associated
with multiple sclerosis.

Running Out of Lives
Government on the Ban Wagon

? Although khat (Catha
edulis) has been chewed and brewed in tea by Muslim cultures for centuries,
only recently has it come to the attention of the Canadian government.

and Mouse on the Ratline
Stool Pigeons Ruffling Feathers

??? Crimestoppers,
that “gotta love ’em” civilian volunteer phoneline action agency with 52
“dial-a-betrayal” offices across Ontario and many more across the nation,
has been hauled into court to explain how they verify anonymous phone tips
before turning them over to the police.

Best Fiend
Rabid Cops want Mad Dogs

??? Customs
agents in Laredo, Texas, are urging citizens to donate their most vicious,

rebellious dogs to Uncle Sam’s War on Drugs. The
agency maintains an elite corps of
drug sniffing canines that are the French Foreign Legion of the drug world,
they are hoping to recruit street-wise,
mean spirited, psycho-hyper dogs into their ranks.??

of Justice
Just the Fax, Ma’am

? A serious
shortage of Justices of the Peace in Ontario means that it can take hours
for police to obtain a second warrant at night, and apparently pot smokers
are using that opportunity to ditch their stashes.

Harm Reduction Club
Pushing te Envelope, Getting Pushed

Vancouver’s Harm Reduction Club opened Canada’s first above-ground marijuana
store on December 20, and stayed in business for 70 days before being busted
by Burnaby RCMP on February 28.?

News Bouchard
Cannabis in Qu?bec

Cannabis users in Qu?bec are now living under the hand of fascist
pot-hater (and former Mulroney administration conservative MP)?

Lucien Bouchard

Consider Cannabis
Tories Take Note of Hemp Oil

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has joined the hemp revolution,
offering financial backing and words of support for hemp development in
the province.?

in Canada
Waiting for the New Millennium

Canadian farmers, retailers, clothing manufacturers, business people, union
officials, and environmentalists have a new reason to look forward to the
passing of the millennium: it looks like the federal government won’t get
around to lifting the ban on commercial hemp until sometime around the
year 2000.?