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Smoke Signals

Tasty morsels of news and information, gathered fresh from around the world and seasoned with wit and wisdom for the enjoyment and delight of the intellectual gourmet and cannabis culture connoisseur.

Try all 18 courses, or select a few from the menu below.

  • Choco Canna Bliss Chocolate contains
    anandamide, a syergizing THC-like chemical.

  • Ganja Beer, Imported and Domestic New beer
    brewed from hemp plants, “the beer does taste like
    slightly sweetened hash”

  • Peeing into a cup Ontario Human Rights Commission
    decided that random drug tests and screening
    as a condition of employment was illegal.

  • Cheating in Chile The Chilean Congress agreed to
    take a urine drug test as “a gesture of loyalty”

  • Cannabis in Quebec The Parti Qu?bec has been
    asking all the right
    questions but seems satisfied to ignore the answers.

  • He Sues, You Lose Nahas has been busy in France
    for the past few years, whispering his prohibitionist delusions into the
    of the French Government.

  • Just Say “Non” On June 24, France’s only cannabis
    culture magazine, l’Elephant Rose, officially
    went out of business.

  • Cannabis Intoxication Warp Factor 10 German
    traffic cops are testing a new way to measure just how stoned you really

  • The Scoop on Holland What the heck is going on in
    Holland? At CC
    we’ve been hearing persistent rumours that
    they’re cracking down on coffeeshops and
    shutting down grow rooms, yet the actual
    situation is a little more complex.

  • BC’s NDP Ignored Drug Deaths What is
    euphemistically known as “drug overdose” became the leading cause of death
    among British Columbians aged 30 to 45 in 1993.

  • The Grasstown Police Riot Remembered. . . On
    August 7, 1996 over a thousand people gathered in Maple
    Tree Square, at the intersection of Water, Carrall and Powell
    Streets in Vancouver’s Gastown.

  • Open Marijuana Sales in Vancouver David
    Malmo-Levine has been a busy guy these past few
    months, and he’s going to be much busier over the coming year if
    he keeps up his aggressive campaign of drugpeace activism.

  • Coo Coo Cocaine Corruption Throughout the
    Americas and around the world, coca-bucks have become
    an important part of any politician’s warchest.

  • Mass Executions in China The People’s Republic
    of China celebrated the June 28 UN
    International Day Against Drugs by executing 231 people.

  • The War on Drugs Comes HomeTwo military
    helicopters swooped into the domestic drug war on August 4, called in by
    Kamloops RCMP to
    assist in spotting hidden fields of Kootenay Gold.

  • European Cities Promoting Harm Reduction In
    Europe it is the city governments which have taken the lead and are
    dragging their federal counterparts into ending the war on their citizens.

  • Look Who’s Growing Hemp Now Leaps and bounds
    worldwide on the path to a hemp economy from Ireland, England, Jamaica,
    South Africa, and, screaming and kicking, the US.

Compiled by Dana Larsen [email protected], with contributions from Dr Alexander Sumach, Bianca Sind and Alain Noel, and with assistance from all of the following: Chris Donald [email protected], Matt Elrod
[email protected], Drug Reform Coalition,
[email protected], NORML News, distributed by Carl Olsen
[email protected], the Transnational Antiprohibitionist Radical Party,
[email protected].


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