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A Hemp Canuck in Kathmandu

I am a Canadian who has lived for many years here in Nepal, and am very interested in anything that has to do with hemp and drug policy in Canada, as I am fighting for the same rights here in Nepal.

For the past two years I have been exporting hemp from Nepal, and have at the same time being lobbying the Government of Nepal to change its laws to allow the legal growing of hemp. This would enable the village farmers to make a better living, and also improve the quality of life in the city as well, by helping to eliminate the excess pollution there is in Kathmandu.

As it is much cheaper to do things here in Nepal then there in the west, we can start something like Bio-Diesel on a limited budget and get it going.

I have a number of good Nepali friends working the government side, and have even had our samples taken to the King of Nepal, who is on the side of hemp. His younger brother, who is living in England, is really a hempster at heart, he and I have had spent many good hours talking about what else but hemp.

I have also been talking hemp with the many foreign experts in the country such as UN reps, USAID, Swiss Development & Cooperation, German Technical Advisors, and other aid groups in the country.

The response from all is very positive, and this will slowly get back to their home countries as well. The fight is not only Canadian, but for the world.

I hope to hear back from interested people.

All the best from Nepal.

Darcy Petticrew,

c/o Saddle Traders

PO Box 4962, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-612-059, Fax: 977-1-419-734

email: [email protected]

The Consent of the Governed

Here are some words whose meaning seems to have been forgotten by the present governors of North America!

“. . .That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government. . .”

-Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

I think it would be really nice if governments worldwide would begin treating their citizens as adults who are capable of making independent choices, instead of treating us like children who need guidance and supervision in their day to day lives.

From an American wondering where his right to pursue happiness went.

Free men own guns. . .Slaves don’t!

John Marthaller

[email protected]

Coming Out of the Closet

It has occurred to me that all smokers of the magical weed need to do as the homosexuals have done, and come out of the closet. I propose the Great Marijuana Smoke-Out! Out of the closet, that is.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the persons that partake in the glorious wonders of this god-given plant were to come out of the closet and admit that they use marijuana? I personally know lawyers, builders, bankers, engineers, and many others who at least occasionally enjoy the wonders of a relaxing marijuana buzz, and it is my opinion that we must all come out of the closet together.

Jon D Montemagni

[email protected]

The problem of pot hypocrisy is more deeply rooted than you might think. I was recently threatened with a lawsuit by the author of a cannabis botany book if I printed that he had smoked a joint in an Amsterdam coffeeshop. He was apparently afraid that his reputation might suffer if it was revealed that he appreciated the flowers of the cannabis plant along with its other beneficial uses. I am always disappointed with those who think that the best way to “separate the rope from the dope” is to pretend that they don’t enjoy cannabis flowers.