Canada’s drug policy review: Who’s Who on the review










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What follows is a list of all of the Members of Parliament on
the Standing Committee on Health,
along with their email address, their mailing address, and
phone and fax numbers. Each
Parliamentary address should be followed by: House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.
No postage is required to write to an MP at their Parliamentary

Please contact all of these MPs by phone or mail and encourage
them to support tolerance and
harm reduction instead of incarceration and “demand reduction”.
If you live in or near their riding
then please call their local office and make an appointment to
speak to them in person. If
possible, please forward me a copy of any statements any of
them make about this issue.

This review provides us with an excellent opportunity to
present our arguments in a public
forum, and possibly convince our elected oppressors to make
serious changes to Canada’s drug
policy. We have to put as much pressure upon these MPs as
possible, and explain to each of
them how prohibition is more harmful than any of the substances
in question could ever be.

If you have never contacted your government before, now is the
time for you to do so. Please
write, call, fax or email each of these MPs, especially if they
are in your province or region, and
briefly explain why you support an end to the war on people who
use currently banned herbs and
drugs. If you can only send one letter, send it to the
committee clerk, and ask him to forward it to
all of the members of the Committee. Be sure to contact local
and national media as well.


for a complete list of email addresses for Liberal MPs, go to

MP Dhaliwal

Harbance Singh Dhaliwal

Vancouver South, BC

MP Hickey

Bonnie Hickey
St. John’s East, Newfoundland

MP Murphy

John Murphy

Annapolis Valley – Hants, Nova Scotia

“I would not support changes to Bill C-7 which would legalize the use of marijuana in Canada…”

“Rather than legalizing drugs to control quality, I believe that greater efforts should be made to educate people, in particular young people, of the short and long term hazards of drug use.”

MP Scott

Andy Scott

Fredericton – York – Sunbury, New Brunswick

“Is there any evidence to suggest that offering a decriminalized opportunity to consume cannabis would increase consumption? I don’t think there would be. I think people have already made that choice.”

MP Simmons

Roger Simmons (Committee Chairperson)

Burin – St George, Newfoundland

MP Szabo

Paul Szabo

Mississauga South, Ontario

“Marijuana is about 15 times more potent today than it was 10 years ago. Marijuana today is as potent as cocaine was 10 years ago. Let there be no confusion, marijuana is a dangerous drug which can have serious health impacts.”

“. . .with regard to the commercial production of hemp that it is a long way off, if indeed it is appropriate at all.”

MP Volpe

Joseph Volpe

Eglinton – Lawrence, Ontario


for a complete listing of Bloc Qu?becois MPs and their email addresses, go to

MP Dub?

Antoine Dub?

Levis, Quebec

Although I do not have a direct quote available from Antoine Dube, I have been informed by one of his constituents that he is in support of lowering the penalties for marijuana, and possible complete decriminalization.

MP Picard

Pauline Picard

Drummond, Quebec