Cannabis Canada, may/june96 – Milestones~

<br /> Cannabis Canada, may/june96 – Milestones<br />


February 3, Vancouver & Victoria, BC.

Rallies were held in opposition to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act at Vancouver City Hall and the Provincial Legislature in Victoria. The Vancouver rally attracted about 2000 people, and was given nationa media exposure.

February 3, Ottawa, Ontario.

Parliament dissolved for a month, and so all legislation that had not yet been passed was considered “dead”. This included Bill C-7, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. See march 5 for the rest of the story.

February 11, USA.

CNN broadcast Higher Times, a one hour look at the effects of the American War on Drugs, with a comparison to the Dutch policy of tolerance and harm reduction. This internationally broadcast special was the first show of it’s kind to air on CNN.

February 12, USA

The National Review, America’s leading right-wing conservative magazine, ran an issue with the cover story “The War on Drugs is Lost.” This is the first time that the editors of the influential publication have taken a formal stand in favour of “movement towards legalization.”

February 16, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Manitoba Hemp Alliance sponsored a Hemp Symposium, which featured Polish and Ukrainian hemp breeders who had been working with hemp for decades. Speakers also included Gordon Reichert of Agriculture Canada and Dr Jack Moes of the Manitoba Department of Agriculture. For more information contact the Manitoba Hemp Alliance at (204)947-2315, or email.

March, Olympia, Washington.

Washington State University and the State Department of Health agreed to administer a clinical study of the benefits of medical marijuana. Only patients receiving chemotherapy treatments, or suffering from glaucoma, AIDS or HIV-related illnesses, multiple sclerosis, or other such illnesses will qualify for the study. For more information call Senator Jeanne Kohl’s office at (206)285-1869.

March 5, Ottawa, Ontario.

The liberal Government sent the Controlled Drugs and Sunstances Act straight back to the Senate. The bill was renamed C-8, but it is exactly the same piece of legislation. This was also the day that the budget was released, so media attention was diverted elsewhere. See our article on Bill C-8 for more information on this vicious and destructive bill.

March 8, 11-14, Abbotsford, BC.

John Conroy continued his challenge of the constitutionality of the prohibition of simple possession of cannabis. John is defending Randy Caine, who was arrested for possession of half a gram in June 1993.
Expert witnesses who gave testimony included Neil Boyd, Head of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Peck, Deputy Health Officer for BC, and Dr. Al Connelly, who described the evolution of Canada’s drug policy. The trial will continue on May 27 and 29. For more information email Randy Caine or contact at (604)583-7004.

March 8, Vernon, BC.

Police raided