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DPF 95

The Drug Policy Foundation is a non-profit, independent organization that researches and promotes rational alternatives to current drug policies. They act as an umbrella group and a unifying force in the American and world anti-prohibitionist movements.

The DPF was founded in 1986, and has sponsored an International Conference on Drug Policy Reform during every year of its existence. These conferences are usually held in Washington DC, but in an effort to expand their horizons the DPF held this year’s conference in Santa Monica, California.

I attended this year’s conference, and for three days I attended seminars and focus groups, ate what Dennis Peron lovingly called “rubber chicken dinners”, handed out copies of Cannabis Canada to key people, and got to hang out with some of the big names in the American drug policy reform movement.

The conference was held on the second floor of the Loews Beach Hotel. The larger seminars and dinners were held in a main hall, while the panel discussions were held in a number of smaller rooms around the main one. As with most conferences, the real action took place in the foyer and hallways, with the exchange of ideas, business cards, and pamphlets flowing freely.

There’s not enough space in this issue to cover the many fascinating discussions and forums that took place at the DPF conference. Much of the information that was shared there will reverberate over future issues of this magazine. In this issue, we present information which clears up a few common lies about marijuana, and I tell the tale of how I got to go to Timothy Leary’s 75th birthday party.

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