Only you can stop Bill C-7

Although Bill C-7 has been passed by Parliament, it is not yet law in Canada.

It must first be examined and approved by the Senate and then signed into law by the Governor General. If the Senate recommends that significant amendments be made to Bill C-7 then it will have to go back to Parliament for further debate.

The Senate has directed Bill C-7 to their Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, which held some hearings in December, and will be receiving more public input over the month of February.

The Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs is G?rard A Beaudoin. He must be made aware that Canadians support tolerance and harm reduction and do not back the prohibitionist agenda that exists in Bill C-7.

Canada’s Minister of Health is Diane Marleau, and Bill C-7 is the responsibility of her department. She must be made to understand that Canadians will not stand for the deceptive way in which Bill C-7 was passed, nor the vicious bigotry in which it is founded.

There are two cards on the opposite page which we encourage you to cut out, fill out, put into an envelope, and mail. Letters to Parliament and to the Senate do not require any postage.

Ideally, it would be even better if you were to use our cards as a guide to writing your own letter, and give the card to a friend to send in. However, just by filling out and mailing these cards you are doing a small service for the cause of freedom and democracy.

Both of these cards allow you the option of requesting specific information from the government. It is important for all Canadians to inform themselves of what their government is up to.

Another key person to whom you should express your sentiments about Bill C-7 is Hedy Fry. She is the MP for Vancouver Centre, where Hemp BC is located. She was also on the Bill C-7 subcommittee and spoke in support of the bill as it was passed by Parliament.

Hedy Fry can be telephoned at (604) 666-0135 or (613) 992-3213, and faxed at (604) 666-0114. Her Parliament address (postage free!) is Room 558-D, Centre Block, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6. Her Vancouver address is Suite 106, 1030 Denman St., Vancouver, BC, V6G 2M6.