3 lies about pot exposed.

3 Lies About Pot …

Ever hear the one about how the pot today is so much stronger than it used to be? Well, that just isn’t true, according to John Morgan of California NORML.

He explained how the University of Mississippi runs an extensive testing program on marijuana seized by police. It’s their statistics that are being used to frighten mothers into thinking that the stuff their kids are smoking is more potent and dangerous than it used to be back when they were puffing joints in their foolish youth.

According to John, this is a clear case of manipulation of statistics. In 1975 there were many large seizures of poor quality Mexican brickweed, which brought down the measurement of average quality. Because of this, the U of M recorded a below average THC content of about 0.5%. This was down from the usual range of between 2.5% and 3.5% THC.

John explained that it’s not that the pot’s getting stronger, but that the year that is carefully chosen for comparison was an exceptionally bad year for good pot.

After explaining how the herb isn’t kinder after all, John went on to say that even if pot had been getting stronger, this would actually make marijuana less harmful. Since THC itself is non-toxic, stronger weed is actually purer and safer, as it contains a higher proportion of the active ingredients and less undesirable tars and compounds.

So the next time someone tells you that the grass today is better than it used to be, tell ’em John says it just ain’t so!

Tobacco: the demon gateway drug that leads to alcohol!

Lynn Zimmer of California NORML mentioned the above piece of propaganda from the 1920s to show how the label of gateway drug has been used against other drugs through history.

She then described a propaganda campaign launched by the US government which claimed that marijuana leads to cocaine. The claim was that teenagers who used marijuana were 85 times more likely to use cocaine than non-marijuana users.

Lynn explained that despite the fact that this figure had been widely quoted by the Partnership for a Drug Free America, it was completely meaningless. All they were really showing is that few cocaine users had never tried marijuana, which isn’t surprising. Most cocaine users have also tried alcohol, tobacco, and orange juice, and yet these substances clearly don’t generally lead to the use of cocaine.

In fact, where marijuana use is prohibited, the use of cocaine and other such easily concealable drugs goes up. In essence, prohibition leads to the use of hard drugs.

They are selling marijuana from behind bulletproof glass in Amsterdam because of all the uncontrollable, violent addicts! Or so said Richard Cowan of California NORML. He was quoting a spokesperson for Drug Watch International, a prohibitionist propaganda wing for the US government with plenty more lies where that one came from.

Cowan called the quote “the kind of crap being spread by U.S. anti-drug campaigners at home and around the world!” We couldn’t agree more.

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