The Most Southern Shop In Canada Selling Marijuana Seeds

CANNABIS CULTURE - Seeds For Less in downtown Windsor, Ontario celebrated its opening day on November 16, 2012. The store is the third in a series of marijuana seeds shops in Ontario owned by Joel Capin.

The store (located at 55 Maiden Ln.) has a beautiful floor, a lemon-pine smell, bright windows and a single glass counter selling one product only, marijuana seeds. The seeds are professionally packaged and backed-up by a wide variety of international seed companies with solid reputations in the field. Amsterdam is the main supplier. A large clear sign on the wall lists hundreds of seed strains available; their prices range from $35 dollars a package to over a $140 or so. They sell seeds and seeds alone.

Daniel Capin, sister of the owner, was there for the Saturday traffic and giving the floor an extra shine. I asked her, "What led you to open a marijuana seed shop in Windsor, Ontario?"

"The demand," she said. "In Toronto, it's saturated with seed companies and all that, so there's not that much going on here. We're seeing repeat customers and it's only our second day. A google search shows we are here. People are dropping in. Right now, the business is cash. We have plastic coming. There's taxes on it. We charge HST. That's a big number. I'd be happy getting that."

"We're working on a web site. We've had the store location since about May 2012. We have so much going on in Niagara Falls and Hamilton that this was on the back burner. But once we got all that publicity in late October we set a date, yesterday was the first day."

"There will be a lounge sitting area with magazines and catalogs. Not a vapour lounge. We have over 400 genetically fixed strains. Some seeds are colour coded. Some are feminized. They're medicinal seeds. We were at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto. If someone tells me their ailments, I can recommend a particular strain or work with them to find a strain that is helpful."

"We're not from here, we don't know what the scene is like here. We didn't know what to expect. We're not looking for trouble. Nothing we're doing is illegal. We're doing business. We don't want a problem. We shouldn't have a problem. We're in Niagara Falls, we don't have a problem there."

"I'd love to meet Marc Emery. We'd all love to meet him. My brother was talking about Marc in the car yesterday."

"This store was meant to be. We found the graphic designer in Windsor. We found the web developer in Windsor. We found the location in Windsor. We're running a business like any other business. Somebody's going to do it. As an expanding seed bank company, I think Windsor is an excellent place to set up shop."

Joel Capin said, "This is my third Seeds For Less store. I'm setting up a chain of seed stores. We're credible. If Marc Emery was here now, I'd tell him he is one of the greatest Canadians. He an inspiration to me. I've been reading everything I could about him, I love his story and what he stands for."

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Cannabis seeds in Windsor spurs X border pollination

It is surprising that the current regime has not shut down seed stores in Canada. I'm sure it is in the works if the Tories are re-elected. There will be many cross border shoppers taking the trip to Windsor to enjoy what little freedom there is left in Canada.

they can't, seeds aren't

they can't, seeds aren't illegal. but that hasn't stopped the police from intimidating everyone to stay away for the store. We have the most aggressive police force in the country. constant police brutality and lying to courts. fortunately they are on notice cause they've been brought to the light. so they have to behave at least a little.

rubber stampeders

The Harper government can rubber stamp anything into law. I expect he will give Canadians another bitch slap before he's through. We are virtually a police state right now but the use of marijuana is unstoppable no matter how much of our money they waist persecuting us.

medical marijuana

I need help?...I've been suffering for years with severe pain and survived cancer once but now my body is so ruined by the use of prescribed pain medications that I'm alway's sick or chronicking for more pills so one day I tried weed and my pain was tolerable and without the sickness of the pills so I mentioned too my family doctor that I no longuer wanter the pills and just have medical marijuana but he won't pescribe it for me.So how do I get a permit for use of medical marijuana?

What? That's meaningless

What? That's meaningless nonsense. Smoke another



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