Massachusetts Police Chiefs Oppose Medical Marijuana

The state's association of police chiefs today said they oppose a state ballot question to legalize medical marijuana.

Wayne Sampson, executive director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association this afternoon said the association met today and agreed they do not support Question 3.

“We’re very concerned that it is so loosely written, relative to who can obtain it and for what reasons,” he said.

Sampson said law enforcement officials' biggest concern is that pot is a gateway drug to other drugs.

He also pointed out that marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

He said police also believe there is not enough scientific evidence proving the drug is an effective medication.

- Read the entire article at The Milford Daily News.


Beer and coffee? Cigarettes?

Beer and coffee? Cigarettes? Are they gateway drugs too?
Course what should I expect. The Police establishment
are part of the problem not the solution.
Who benefits from marijuana being illegal? Could it be the
prison corporations and the Police?

Always expect something politically correct from a pig

Always expect an uneducated guess like this from a badge-wearing, capitalist pig. Still telling lies.

Lying is the gateway to hell

It's like the famous comedian says about pot being a gateway, "When I'm smoking pot, I usually want to drink milk and eat cookies! On the other hand, when I feel like doing crack, I'm usually doing alcohol"!

It used to be citizens could trust a cop to tell the truth because that's what they were about! Now a days, I wouldn't approach one even to ask for directions to AA!

The pigs will always be

The pigs will always be against freedom. With freedom the pigs could all be fired which would mean they would have to look for a real job. They are to lazy to do real work.
Why are the pigs making decisions about medical situations? They have no medical degrees.



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