The Grow Show with Marijuana Man: History of Hybrids

CANNABIS CULTURE - Watch The Grow Show with Canadian cannabis expert Marijuana Man on Pot-TV. In this episode: Marijuana Man looks at the roots of modern cannabis hybridization.

Pot TV Network manager Marijuana Man takes a look at how modern cannabis hybridization got started.

Part 1 covers the time from the Spanish arriving in the New World to the early strains emerging in California in the 60s and 70s, like Original Haze, Skunk#1, Big Sur Holy Weed and much more.

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Part 2 looks at the history of cannabis hybrids, covering the story of Neville, Cultivators Choice Seeds, The Seed Bank, Super Sativa Seed Club and the early days in Holland.

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Marijuana Man, also known as Greg Williams, was one of the BC3, the employees of Marc Emery Direct Seeds accused of selling marijuana seeds to US citizens over the Internet. Greg is the editor of Pot-TV and long-time host of The Grow Show. Check out his latest videos on Cannabis Culture.

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