Marc Emery Begins His Three-Year Countdown to Release From Prison

A recent photo of Marc Emery taken at a US federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi.A recent photo of Marc Emery taken at a US federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi.CANNABIS CULTURE - On July 9, 2011, imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery will begin a three-year countdown to his early release date from a US federal prison, scheduled for July 9, 2014.

US federal prisoners who show good behaviour are released after completing 85% of their sentence. For Emery, with time served and a clean prison record, his early release date is set for July 9, 2014.

Emery, the former publisher of Cannabis Culture and founder of the BC Marijuana Party, had a prison transfer application that would allow him to serve his time in Canada rejected by the US government in April, but he can reapply in two years. He is currently in Yazoo City Medium-security prison in Mississippi.

"Marc and I are anxiously awaiting his return home," Emery's wife Jodie says. "It's heartbreaking to be apart like this. Every day is a challenge. We miss each other terribly, but our love for each other and the support we receive gets us through it."

July 23 marks the Emery's five-year wedding anniversary, and July 29 is the six-year anniversary of the 2005 D.E.A. raid in downtown Vancouver that resulted in Emery's extradition in 2010.

In more worrisome news, Emery was recently diagnosed with MRSA.

MRSA is the superbug that runs rampant in hospitals and prisons. Although it can be fatal in some cases, the Emerys are trying to stay optimistic.

"I try not to worry, but of course it has me concerned for his safety," Jodie said. "It makes me furious that his unjust imprisonment has led to him getting this dangerous infection. I pray that he will come home as healthy as possible."

Go to for more information about Marc Emery or read the latest in his CC Blog.

Jodie Emery is Executive Director of Cannabis Culture and CCHQ. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – or read her CC Blog.

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I was afraid of MRSA when he got the Brown Recluse bite its a open invitation for the virus. When I work in prison and had to take prisoners to the hospital we were told by staff that the hospital automatically assumed that guards and prisoners had MRSA and we were put in negative air flow rooms when we had to stay over night and guard. Marc must cover any open cut or sores. and watch out for those biting spiders and insect even the pandemic of Bed Bugs today can carry diseases luckily they haven't been known to transfer any as yet. Down here in NW Florida and the south in general we have a lot of fire ants and they can get into your clothing and they can give a painful sting and it usely more than one at a time, and any food left out they will devour.

More News on Marc!!

Keep on rockin' Marc. Get home soon!!

Here's a great article on Marc:

Marc's illness

A big danger with any infection is loss of appetite and ensuing malnutrition. I hope Marc is under a doctor's care and being provided with an antiemetic to fight nausea. It's a human rights issue.

money bomb

considering marc is known world wide and there are millions of us who enjoy the herb and empathize with the emery's situation why don't we start a huge fund raiser and give the money to marc's legal team to appeal for his release because of this medical concern...come on everyone lets stop talking and e mailing and donate some $$ to help the prince

A country controlled by bullies

Don't think even the nazi's would have treated a fellow human being like the US has treated this person. And now their subhuman conditions has put his life in jeopardy! Even Mexico provides better living conditions than these low-life American bullies. At least in Canada we have quality healthcare and they refused him quality care by refusing to send him back home; what a bunch of dogs! Can't believe the American people support this type of shit!

So what do their military prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Graib look like?

It's a sad story when the example of freedom for the world behaves like that!

So is this what Harper and Co want to make Canada into?


ahh davie you got it sooo right...the nazi's would have allowed the prince to play in a rock band , have visits from the little lady and whined non stop over the net....dave give up the paper route and become a prison advocate...

no whining

all that drama with the insect bite, now a made up mrsa infection ...cmon its ridiculous, dont you have any pride left? makes reefers look like pussies shame on you 2.
dont forget it was you who decided to turn yourself in like a sheep so just do your time now and STFU!!

"no whining" unless ... you are in a Mississippi prison!

Marc can whine all he wants.
A brutal nation pulled a Canadian politician out of his country and placed him in a Mississippi jail for years over the harmless cannabis plant.
There was no real crime, should be no time, and the more he whines the more I like it. He does not give "reefers" a bad name (why don't you let us worry about that?--- Also, "reefers? Are you from 1920? The word usually refers to the joint itself and not the "toker"). I'll bring your vocabulary up at the next Reefer Meeting.)
We "reefers" are proud of Marc and we love it when he whines about his conditions.
You, anonymous, are rude ("STFU"), sexist ("pussies"), immature (your entire tone sounds like someone in grade 10), and ignorant (Marc certainly didn't turn himself in "like a sheep".
When the law busts you,FYI, they will try to get you to plead guilty or else they'll threaten to lock up some assistant/wife/friend.
It makes the "justice system" flow more smoothly if they can get you to "cop" to it whether you're guilty or not.
Marc didn't "give up" his 2 assistants but took the entire rap himself which is called being a "stand-up guy". It shows that "sheep" is the least valid criticism of him that you could possibly make. Marc is very brave and almost never a follower. (He does follow the Canucks!)
Think of him as a caged lion and yourself as a rat, if you're into animal comparisons. A cowardly rat rattling the lion's cage; that imagery works way better for me!
You lack class, and you also lack a true understanding of the situation.
However, Marc should probably consider heeding your "STFU" advice because I really want to see him home safely in Canada in 3 years.
So now I've whined about you whining about Marc whining, ... fun,eh?
Time for another reefer!

This was beautiful!

This was beautiful!

marc emery

Marc is a hero to millions of American citizens who know of his amazing courage, and countless acts of kindness and generousity he has shown to all that come within his sphere. Marc Emery will rise again even more determined to promote personal freedoms through the legalization of cannibis worldwide; and as it happens the DEA gets less funding and gradually shrinks in size and power. Never under estimate the "power of one" and he will be back on the throne very soon.

no whining

Only a coward would post something like that and submit it anonymously.

Whipping boy

all bullies that are control freaks need a whipping boy to make an example of. Unfortunately Marc, you are it. Uncle Sam wants a bigger piece of you. does everyone really think that you will get early release? I'm wondering what the conditions for this would be. You will have to repent your sins & show remorse or else. Is there much basis for optimism here. We will see.
If the USA is the world's protector of human rights,
we are in trouble. Justice there is a myth, a great lie. Unfortunately Canada, we are heading down the same path as America.

whipping boy

i'm pretty sure the conditions for early release don't include a respite in solitary confinement we know marc already has that feather in his hat

Needs Cannabalm

The staph infection is resistant to conventional antibiotics. Only high grade Cannabalm can treat the infected sores. To deny Marc Cannabalm is a violation of his right as a human to have the most effective medication available to attempt to save his own life.


Here's an article about treating MRSA with Cannabis.


sounds like you know your stuff dr much longer will the ''prince'' have to live if he doesn't get the ''miracle balm''



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