Riot Police Bust Up Marijuana Protest in Brazil

Brazilian riot police have fired tear gas to break up a protest in support of the legalization of marijuana in South America’s biggest city. Six people were detained.

A court ruled the Marijuana March in Sao Paulo was illegal. About 1,000 people still showed up for the rally Saturday in the city’s financial heart, saying the march was for freedom of expression and not pro-marijuana.

Television images showed riot troops charging toward the protesters when they tried to march down the busy Paulista avenue. Some protesters said police shot rubber bullets at them but that could not be independently confirmed.

All those detained were later released.

Read more (in Spanish) from Último Segundo.


Buenos Aires is not the capital of Brazil

Come one guys, do you speak canadian in Canada? I know everything about your fight for tax and regulate pot in the north america continent, and all I ask you guys is to learn that in Brazil we speak portuguese.

And also, the images shown in this video, don't you think they show the cops shooting at the crowd? If it's not rubber bullets, whats that? Real bullets?

Taking What you can Get

Hey, at least they released everybody without any charges. The Cons, had they taken that kind of action, would definitely have pressed.

must do.

Must smoke Brazilian ganja, I hope they can legalize it and it can be smoked freely, at the most luscious beaches, what a dream.

Our first victory

Yesterday was judged a setence which the right to manifest is an act assured by constitution, before was considered crime of Apology to Drugs use...It's a historical day to us.
A documentary of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso called Quebrando o Tabu (Breaking the taboo), discussions about the regulamentation runs hot and i believe at maximum five years we will win...

the best video of brazilian police brutality in marijuana march
Repórter da TV Folha e manifestante são agredidos pela polícia na marcha da Maconha

Film and TV reporter protester is beaten by police in the march of Marijuana



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