Honey oil made easy

Ground bud in bowlGround bud in bowlIn my opinion as a tokin’ Mama, there is no smokable cannabis derivative that gets you more baked than oil. Whether you call it honey or hash oil, it’s the concentrated liquid essence of marijuana and it doesn’t take much of it to completely stone you, though its mind-numbing power makes it an acquired taste.
Whether spread on a paper and rolled into a joint, inhaled through a straw from a hot knife, steamed in a Vaporizer or dropped onto ashes in your favorite bong, if you can manage to wrangle this gooey gold first from the plant and then from the teeny bottle it’s usually stored in, you will be rewarded with lung-searing, brain-blasting fun!

Pouring ground bud into...Pouring ground bud into…The solvent situation

The process of making oil always involves using a solvent of some sort to dissolve the cannabis resins off the plant material, then somehow separating the solvent from the resin. The quality of the oil depends on the quality of your plant material, the amount of solvent you remove from the finished product, and the amount of time your solvent is exposed to the plant material.

...the Honeybee Extractor.…the Honeybee Extractor.Like hash, you can make premium oil with shake or trim rather than bud. It’s a fantastic way of using every last bit of foliage from your girls and easily turning it into something as valued as bud, or more. So of course, if you use trim from healthy, well-flushed, fully matured plants, you’ll end up with more good resin to extract. If you use schwag, you’ll end up with very little, less potent resin.

The amount of solvent removed from the oil is dependent upon what type of solvent you use and how you go about removing it.

Traditionally, isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent as it’s cheap, easy to come by and doesn’t generally arouse suspicion from your local drugstore clerk. However, the problem with isopropyl is that it boils away at a relatively high temperature, making it fairly difficult to remove all of it from the finished product. Have you ever smoked thin, watery oil that tasted acrid? That’s because not all of the isopropyl was removed. It’s very unhealthy to be burning and inhaling alcohol. It’s also a fire-hazard.

Fitting the butane...Fitting the butane…Making oil with alcohol poses the same threat of fire, as you need to slowly boil off the isopropyl in a water bath, something that requires an open heat source such as an electric element or gas burner.

Alternatives to alcohol are ether and chloroform, both of which boil away at almost room temperature and therefore have a better chance of being completely removed from the oil. However, they are very hard to come by and there is the risk of not just fire, but succumbing to the anaesthetic fumes of either.

...onto the extractor.…onto the extractor.The butane solution

In recent years, those in the know in Amsterdam have been using butane. The beauty of butane is that it’s widely available, not outrageously expensive, and can reasonably be bought from your local hardware store as lighter refills.

Dutch seed guru Soma uses butane-derived oil in a 1:3 oil/bubble hash concoction called Jelly Hash, which can be stretched and played with like Silly Putty.

Butane flowing out the bottom of the ExtractorButane flowing out the bottom of the ExtractorAnother strength of butane as a solvent is that, because it’s under pressure, it shoots out of the can quickly enough not to be dallying around the plant material. In order to get the resin into the solvent, the solvent is usually poured over the plant material or the plant material is soaked in the solvent for a short period of time and then removed. One concern is that if you expose the solvent to the cannabis for too long, you’ll start to dissolve off not just the THC-laden resins, but also chlorophyll, waxes and other naturally occurring substances that will degrade the oil’s potency, color and taste. So you want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

Groovy safety goggles.Groovy safety goggles.Enter the Honey Bee Extractor! Like Bubble Bags, the Honey Bee Extractor is a Canadian-made product that should revolutionize what we do with what we used to throw away. The instructions on how to make a home-grown version of this little contraption out of PVC pipe and such abound on the Web, but when I’m dealing with flammable materials under pressure, I don’t trust my own MacGuyver skills. Besides, Honey Bee is made out of “Atomic-Age Plastics.” Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The basic concept is a thick plastic tube with a tiny hole at one end and a perforated cap with a filter at the other. There’s a nifty little video on their website on how to use their device, safety precautions you should take while making oil ( wear goggles, no baggy clothes, don’t smoke, use ventilation) and trippy techno beats. The Honey Bee comes with several filters, but I suspected that you could make your own out of unbleached coffee filters. I did that and it was fine.

Put bowl in another...Put bowl in another…The procedure is simple:

1. Grind anywhere from 3g to 28g of shake/trim/bud (or some combination thereof) in a coffee grinder.

2. Put it in the Honey Bee Extractor and close the cap.

3. Hold the Extractor filter-side down over a Pyrex bowl.

...bowl of hot water.…bowl of hot water.4. Fit the tip of the butane can into the little hole.

5. Press down hard, waiting about 30 seconds or so for the Butane to flow out the bottom of the Extractor.

6. Feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy with your safety goggles on and the superkewl clouds of vapor rising about you!

7. Put the bowl in another bowl of hot water, or on a hot water bottle.

Remaining oil after the butane has evaporated.Remaining oil after the butane has evaporated.8. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the Butane to evaporate completely.

9. Scrape the oil off the bowl.

10. Put it into one of those wee elfin bottles people put oil into.

11. Get very stoned.

Honey oil on blade.Honey oil on blade.I was truly amazed at how easy it was to make kick-ass oil. I used mostly Northern Lights #5 shake and trim, a little bit of Cherry Bomb trim and a couple of nuggs of Island Sweet Skunk for good measure.

Altogether I used 21g of ganja to make approximately 1.5 g of oil of two grades ? the first “wash” which is the purest and the second and third which were still pretty damn good. Both were deep amber in color and before I heated them, looked exactly like creamy taffy. Or perhaps, honey.

Honey oil on tin foil.Honey oil on tin foil.Most importantly, is Honey Bee oil any good? Well, I took my honey oil to the foremost expert in the field ? the host of Pot-TV’s Grow Show, The 4:25 News and general weed aficionado, Marijuana Man. His response?

“That was the best oil I have ever tried.”

‘Nuff said.

? Honey Bee Extractors: tel 1-204-415-5724; www.buzznn.ca




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  468. Anonymous on

    Vector makes quintuple refined butane that works perfect. Also, why mess with a plastic extractor when you could have your local glassblower blow a proper extraction tube…worked for me!

  469. Albatroopa on

    Hey, actually, the impurities found in butane are added in order to give it a smell. The additive itself is called mercaptan. I believe it’s some kind of sulphur compound, and definitely not good for you to smoke. I don’t believe that it evaporates at the same temperature as butane, so it WILL stay in your oil, even after you’ve boiled the butane off. Premium brands of butane, as mentioned above, don’t have this additive, and should say so on the bottle. You can also do a bit of research and find out which brands are clean. You’re most likely to find these at a cigar store. Places like canadian tire and your average convenience store don’t have the good stuff. Enjoy!

  470. Anonymous on

    every single one of you are pretty f**king stupid 😛
    just soak an ultra thin zigzag or somethin.
    works perfect for the leftovers on the pyrex

  471. frankomcgee on

    Does it matter how fast the butane evaporates? I have been placing a bowl of warm water below my other bowl to act as a heat source to speed up the evaporation. I’m usually done in about 10-15 minutes. I wait on the oil to lose the little bits of butane before smoking.

  472. nay on

    Copper? Are you a moron? No, you DO NOT USE COPPER for BHO extraction! Copper is POISONOUS. Get some Medical/Surgical grade steel, 1.5 g from 21 g is a horrible return, this woman did not know what she was doing. If you get 3g from 21g you are more on track of what the experts are pulling each run.

  473. Anonymous on

    Go to a arts and craft store they usually have them in various sizes all the way down to a dram

  474. Anonymous on

    My life is average.

  475. Anonymous on

    …”the smoking of drugs through tin foil could be harmless to the body, even fatal.”

    Did you mean ‘harmful’?

  476. Anonymous on

    Nitrogen isn’t flammable.

  477. glass onion on

    lava or calibra r really the only options! they r very clean and this is important when u go to smoke your oil, u want to taste ur oil not butane

  478. glass onion on

    aluminum is a toxic substance 4 sure and should not be used 4 smoking anything as well as copper they r both heavy metals. im a glass bower and am around heavy metal fumes 2 much myself 4 when u r makin a pipe 1st thing u do usually is fume it with silver or gold which r also heavy metals and will kill u if not treated with care when breathing as is copper and aluminum and i have no idea about stainless but that may b ok just not sure.u can call me any names u want im ok with it but look into it and u will c 4 urself. ive done the honey oil method with butane in the past and at the time i had the honey bee pvc tube with 1 hole for the blast and 5 or 6 holes on the other end 4 the extract and i used coffee filters every time with great results

  479. Anonymous on

    Yeah, I made a copper pipe, and found out not too.

  480. Anonymous on

    You just saved my life. My wife took my pipe, and I did a tin foil toilet roll. Peace brothers

  481. Anonymous on

    Wow you’re an idiot, of course any sort of aluminum is bad for you when inhaled. It’s not about the reaction between the two substances, it’s about the reaction of aluminum to heat. But do what you do, I’m sure you’ll find out one day.

  482. Anonymous on

    to be honest id rather go in to the wooods and do it then do it and have a relapse, after i ran the butane throught the honey bee and my hbo was finsihed me and my pal are sittin ina old car in his back yard its like 2 in the morning and out of nowhere alll the butane fumes that had got trapped underneath this old car decided to light up and we had a old broken down car engulfed in a ten foot high flame while im sitting in the drivers seat. i can say with out the bullshit making this stuff is EXTREMLY DANGEROUS! we were outside and everything that didnt stop the butane from lingering.

  483. Anonymous on

    hi there can any one help me i have just bought a honey bee and got loads of trimmings with crystals all over them some pollen and plenty bud but how much gas do i use for say an ounce 28grms 1 can or 2 please help as iam doin 2morro

  484. Anonymous on

    I’m wondering if enough of the butane is evaporated to cook with this safely? Thanks!!

  485. Anonymous on

    the carbon filter thing is true, it does make some killer red oil, cherry oil, just cut a filter to size and stick it in your extractor, but i’m not too sure what is used to make the filter red, you should look into that. The ratio for the honeybee, I grind the grass/shake and can fit 2 ounces into the honeybee easily. i usually do 2 washes an ounce and each quarter ounce should yield about a gram of sweet sticky oil. try experimenting with different temperatures, i found room temp. is the best for the water in the bath as too high a temp will melt it and it’ll change color, almost go brown. Too low a temp and you’ll be sitting there for quite awhile. I then scrape it off and whip it with the razor blade, (play with it for about an hour) then i let it sit on the blade overnight. the remnants of the butane (i use colibri) will bubble out of the oil and give it almost a wet hash texture. careful with this stuff it’ll burn up on the blades on contact.

    Happy Smoking 😀

  486. Anonymous on

    Has anyone ever heard of “Red Carbon Filter Oil”?
    I heard that you use a carbon filter instead of a coffee filter or screen and when the oil goes through it runs red. It is suppose to be a lot more potent 🙂
    If anyone knows how to make this “Red Carbon Filter Oil” I would appreciate some instruction.
    And when making it what is the weed to butane to oil ratio (W:B:O ratio)
    I want to know how much weed and butane I am going to have to use to get like one ounce of oil.
    And if you use only bud when making oil does the W:B:O ratio change? Like how much more oil will you get if you were to use one pound of bud VS one pound of leaf?
    If anyone has the answers to these questions if would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

  487. Anonymous on

    Thanks 4 the baster idea! I’ve been trying to find a cheap non toxic tube to make my honey oil in. Thanks!! You might try using silk screen instead of a coffee filter. If your not already.

  488. Orion's High on

    A comment and a question.

    Comment the first, I wouldn’t recommend using copper pipe as a substitute for PVC or Stainless Steel because it usually has a very toxic coating on it to keep it from corroding. Smoked out of a makeshift copper pipe once; hospital, vomiting, migraine, bad…

    Question B: I saw a video where the guy suggested to cook the oil on a stove for 15 mins then freeze and repeat again to “cook” off more of the butane…. Is there any reason to this madness or is it just a good waste of oil????

    Purple ducks

    Peace in the middle east

  489. Orion's High on

    A comment and a question.

    Comment the first, I wouldn’t recommend using copper pipe as a substitute for PVC or Stainless Steel because it usually has a very toxic coating on it to keep it from corroding. Smoked out of a makeshift copper pipe once; hospital, vomiting, migraine, bad…

    Question B: I saw a video where the guy suggested to cook the oil on a stove for 15 mins then freeze and repeat again to “cook” off more of the butane…. Is there any reason to this madness or is it just a good waste of oil????

    Purple ducks

    Peace in the middle east

  490. Hemligt on

    This is usefull information. =)
    Dident know.


    /Head high

  491. Anonymous on

    Nitrogen gas is the primary component of earths atmosphere, the majority of the air we are breathing in with each breath is nitrogen gas.

    The nitrogen compounds inside of plants and animals are totally different, many of them smell bad such as ammonia. Nitrogen gas is as different from ammonia, as table salt is from chlorine (that’s chemistry for you, sodium and chlorine are nasty, but they combine to form table salt; nitrogen and hyrdogen are non-toxic, but they combine to form ammonia which is toxic, etc).

    Speaking of ammonia smell, butane extraction works beautifully on stuff that is rotten or moldy. Honestly the oil can be just as pure and golden as it gets; as long as there were once some good buds underneath the mold/old.

  492. Colin Kenny on

    He mentioned this not because of heroin, but because the of smoking this heroin in TIN FOIL, which alot of people do use tin foil to smoke weed, Some guy has died because of the consumption of these harmful chemicals found in the tin foil. This “heroin story” is actually related to this weed magazine since its main point is that the smoking of drugs through tin foil could be harmless to the body, even fatal.

  493. Hemligt on

    This is a cannabis magazin?
    Dont think people here smoke heroin.
    You spok about the reaction between heroin and tin foil.

    Not related to what you are doing.
    Good luck.

    /Head high

  494. Anonymous on

    i love you

  495. Customer on

    The phone number in the article is incorrect – needs to be taken off. There is a really annoyed woman who gets lots of calls every day from weed-lovers

  496. Masana on

    Foil plus heat equals altimets and blue lung yaaaaaaay blue lung

  497. Anonymous on

    im sure you’ve heard of ” flushing” a plant… its when you give a plant straight water before harvest to remove traces of fertilizer from your bud. i mention this because nitrogen is one of the elements your trying to remove, as it is effects the taste and overall quality of the smoke… also its flammable and effect how your product burns ( nitrogen is also used in firecracker and is why shity cannabis crackles and sparks when burnt) so i agree with everyone here who says to use clean butane

  498. Anonymous on

    LOL ,did you say you go into the woods with
    it in case it sparks?I know what you meant by getting away
    from everyhting but some one just might take your advice
    really do this in the woods.Not a good idea
    unless you want to make the news.

  499. Anonymous on

    Thats retarded.

  500. Anonymous on

    My friend talked to the doctor of her dead friend.
    He died smoking heroin in a tin foil pipe.
    Doctor said that the heroin did NOT kill him, it was the build up of tin foil fume/chemicals in his brain.
    Doctor said many of reported drug overdose fatalities are actually from the tin foil, NOT the drugs.
    Doctor said that the FEDS want to continue listing these deaths as drug overdoses rather than tin foil fumes to support/justify the war on drugs.

    Do Not Smoke In Tin Foil!!!

  501. TechnoPagan on

    The more I read about it, the more interested I am in making honey oil, but I’m having a problem wrapping my head around the idea of venting unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Am I the only one worried about it? Does anyone have ideas on recovering and reusing the butane? If that is impractical, what about capturing and burning it as it is released? I’m just learning about this so I don’t know for sure, but I do know that methane is 10x worse of a greenhouse gas than the CO2 produced by burning it.

  502. Anonymous on

    Dude–YOU’ve got the right idea! Stainless steel is a wondrous material, and a baster, if you’re not using ounces of bud, is just the right size. Just secure a coffee filter to the bottom and you’re set.

    Good thinking, Anon.

  503. Anonymous on

    thats a horrible ratio.

  504. Anonymous on

    I’m high.

  505. Anonymous on

    that’s because when you eat stuff cooked on foil, you aren’t directly inhaling the vapors released because of the heat.

    when you smoke from aluminum foil, you do.

    make sense?

  506. Anonymous on

    What a load of crap if foil is so damn bad then why do so many people cook with it in ovens and on grills? Myth

  507. Anonymous on

    Or you could just spend 5.99 at bed bath and beyond for a stainless steel turkey baster that is perfect for bho and will last forever.

  508. Anonymous on

    There is very little heat(just room temp) involved with this form of extraction. Pressurized butane is freezing when it exits a can. This is the reason we use it, because it boils off as a gas at room temperature. PVC will degrade with extended exposure to solvents, but can be safely used several times so long as it is cleaned soon after use.

  509. Anonymous on

    I used 2 cans for about 50g and only yielded about 1g oil. Some have told me I could use more butane to get more oil but I haven’t tried yet. Something I noticed when trying to blast 2 batches through the tube…..do not add the hot water until you are totally done your extraction or it turns more of a dijon mustard color 😉

  510. Anonymous on

    Even if it does it’s cheaper to replace the PVC pipe every few applications. Let’s face it we’re going to fill our lungs with smoke anyway and now you are worried about your health?

  511. Anonymous on

    hi i was wondering if u may answeer a few question i had
    1)wuts the best pipe to use i wanna use a pvc but is it bad to use because it is plastic and might release harmful material ?

    2)how many cans of butane wud i need for roughly 100g ?
    3)where can iget the little tiny bottles to fill up oil or how else can i store it ?
    4)and jus to make i use a coffee filter at the bottom end?
    thanks appreciate it

  512. obake on

    Yeah! that hapens, and PVC have Cl that with high temperature make dioxines that are cancerogenics. So I recomended not to use PVC tubes, there are other plastics tubes with out Cl. This the more importante reason why in food packaging do not use PVC packages.

  513. Anonymous on

    tin foil is no good man. you do not want to breath that s.hit in

  514. Anonymous on

    try putting a drop on foil, heat with a lighter and suck smoke through a straw

  515. Anonymous on

    wear a glove. it gets cold.

  516. Anonymous on

    1/2 in copper pipe with 2 end caps work best and won’t contaminate anything.
    drill a hole to inject the gas in one and several holes in the other…no screen needed if they’re small.
    it lasts forever and costs less than a dollar.

  517. MT Medical on

    Cleaner then a Hooka Coal

    Try heating up a knife, folded over at the tip, and bent back up to create a small U shape.

    Take a bread tie, remove the plastic or paper wrapping. Fold the wire in half, and twist together, leaving a small circle on the end of the wire. Tape or rubber band this wire to the end of the a straw or pen tube.

    Place a small amount of oil on the circle’d wire, and touch to the heated end of the knife. Inhale when the wire makes contact.

    If in a binding situation, where a torch or stove isn’t available, the cherry of a cigarette works well too.

    Happy oiling.

    (Also, going direct into the water works quite well to…. instead of the second glass pan)

  518. spokane.rep on

    best way to smoke it is use a coal that u use for a hooka all u do is light the coal till almost all of it is grey then u use a needle to pick up ur oil n then just put it a hiar above the coal n then use a straw or something like that let it drip on the coal and inhale wat come off its a very easy none messy way to smoke a glass stove works the same way and u do the same thing
    spokane rep

    and when making it i always go in the woods or something like away from everything that may cause a spark

  519. Anonymous on

    Some people say that butane can break down the PVC and it will enter the oil. I’m not a chemist so I don’t know if this is true or not.

  520. Anonymous on

    A length of plastic pipe and a couple of end-caps will cost a few dollars. The “Honey Bee extractor” costs 10X as much. And why? Not because it is made of magic plastic, that’s for sure. But there’s one born every minute… Sucker…

  521. Ormaaj on

    Other gasses present in the butane like nitrogen or argon, while they may not act as effective solvents, should not contaminate anything as they will evaporate along with the butane at room temperature and pressure. Only solid contaminants (which should never be present) will actually have an effect.

  522. A no no mouse on

    1. I agree with anonymous: use a pure butane like Colibri for best results and taste.

    2. I don’t find the coffee grinder a good idea for butane honey oil extraction; fine powder restricts the flow through the ganga and the filter. For best results you want to have your weed crumbled up pretty small but not powdered.

    3. This might seem obvious, but do the butane extraction process OUTSIDE in a well ventilated area, INCLUDING driving off the remaining butane from the oil with hot water.

  523. Anonymous on

    You should strive to get better butane than the ronsonol in the pictures. most pipe shops or tobacconists sell high quality butane that has been refined and is without additives (the same can’t be said for ronsonol). try colibri, lava, anything that is 4 or 5 times refined. it usually comes in bigger cans too.