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CANNABIS CULTURE - Cannabis substitution is being recognized as a viable solution in the battle against drug addiction.

The Cannabis Cup is an annual event sponsored by High Times and held in Amsterdam. Marc Emery went as the Canadian delegate, and this is his review of the proceedings.

The following manuscript was brought to us by Chris Roze, the son of author Mary Anne Roze. Mary's diary chronicles her experiences with Multiple Sclerosis and how she began to use cannabis as a medicine. The diary was only edited for space, but the text is completely the words of Mary Anne Roze. -Ed

CANNABIS CULTURE - Beautiful, high-quality budshots by our Cannabis Cameraman from Spain.

CANNABIS CULTURE - When a group of friends and growers from the East Coast of Canada decided to start a band devoted to marijuana, they did it with a simple goal in mind: advance a strong anti-prohibitionist message using the sweet sounds of rock, blues, and a touch of bluegrass. Indus Guys have accomplished that goal with their album Outstanding In Their Fields.

CANNABIS CULTURE – An up-close look at the THC-producing resin glands of the cannabis plant through pot-ographer Bubbleman’s macro lens. If you’ve seen pictures of mature cannabis plants taken with a macroscopic lens that’s zoomed-in very close, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the many glistening translucent resin glands protruding from the buds, leaves, and just aboutRead More
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