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March/April 2009


CANNABIS CULTURE - Cannabis substitution is being recognized as a viable solution in the battle against drug addiction.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Beautiful, high-quality budshots by our Cannabis Cameraman from Spain.

CANNABIS CULTURE - When a group of friends and growers from the East Coast of Canada decided to start a band devoted to marijuana, they did it with a simple goal in mind: advance a strong anti-prohibitionist message using the sweet sounds of rock, blues, and a touch of bluegrass. Indus Guys have accomplished that goal with their album Outstanding In Their Fields.

CANNABIS CULTURE – An up-close look at the THC-producing resin glands of the cannabis plant through pot-ographer Bubbleman’s macro lens. If you’ve seen pictures of mature cannabis plants taken with a macroscopic lens that’s zoomed-in very close, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the many glistening translucent resin glands protruding from the buds, leaves, and just aboutRead More

CANNABIS CULTURE - An exclusive look inside KopBusters, the reality TV show exposing corrupt cops, by ex-narcotics agent turned activist Barry Cooper.

CANNABIS CULTURE - The biggest urine-test assistance company in North America was recently shut down and its owners arrested after a lengthy government investigation by a well-known anti-marijuana prosecutor.