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Jan/Feb 2008


I am a patriot and proud of what America is supposed to be, but horribly saddened and disappointed by what my country has become. My father fought in the Vietnam War, my brother just finished his third tour of duty in Iraq, and I was once a proud law enforcement officer – I fought our nation’s War on Drugs from 1990 to 1998. Since then, I have realized the error of my ways and no longer do police work.

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Welcome to Cannabis Culture #69, packed full of sexy buds and entertaining articles!

Rob Van Dam is one of the world’s best-known professional wrestlers. He has fought in over 1,000 events at Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), earning 19 championship belts and an array of accolades from 1997 to 2007. Though WWE wrestling is semi-scripted sports entertainment, it nonetheless relies on extreme athleticism and injuries are common: Van Dam has suffered broken ankles and limbs, concussions, and has had surgery on one of his knees. He also used cannabis throughout his entire professional career. Van Dam was caught with a small quantity of marijuana in his car just days after a huge televised wrestling victory, and was stripped of his World Championship belt in 2006, but despite being temporarily expelled from wrestling, he has absolutely no regrets about his cannabis use and advocacy.

Following the US extradition requests for Canadians Marc Emery, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey (the “BC3”) on July 29, 2005, hundreds of people have purchased ‘No Extradition’ t-shirts.

Various ways to make hashish quickly, safely, and affordably.

Patrick Stratas has been blowing unique and unusual glass pipes for four years, off-and-on. He currently lives and works out on the fabled Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and uses a Nortel REDMAX torch. Stratas cites influences like Banjo and Clinton as having an impact on his current work. “I just finished a two-day course with Banjo; it greatly improved my ability to create larger pieces, and improved the sculptural aspects of my more complicated works.” His deep-sea-creature-like glass pipe creation, shown here, was available at CCHQ in Vancouver and is called “The Mollusk”.

Every year thousands of pot people flock to cannabis paradise: Konin-krijk der Nederlanden, the Netherlands, home to Amsterdam. The central part of the Netherlands is named Holland and has two provinces, Noord Holland (North Holland) and Zuid-Holland (South Holland). This is the region with the cities of Rotterdam, Den Haag, Delft, Leiden, Haarlem and – of course – Amsterdam, a destination city for travelers seeking sublime European architecture, spectacular art museums, a lively nightlife, and sex and drugs!