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Oct/Nov/Dec 2007


Everyone who has their pot tattoo printed on these pages gets a free 6-issue subscription to Cannabis Culture magazine!

Several progressive companies have stood out from the pack in producing hemp and natural fiber clothing that our customers actually want to wear.

Inspired by Marc Emery’s courage and his quest for truth and transparency, a group of growers decided to pool our knowledge and show off some homegrown pride.

All you need is dedication, inspiration, and a passion for the art – a little talent comes in handy, too!

New Zealanders love to drink and smoke and have a good time, so much so that official figures show eighty percent will have tried cannabis by the age of 21.

The comedian writes about his early years in Vancouver, rock 'n' roll band adventures, stand-up improv comedy clubs, and where his stoner persona came from.

Police will use various tactics to invade your one place of privacy: your home. Knowing how drug cops think and behave can help keep you and your stash safe!

Activists adn medical marijuana users across the Hawaiian Islands are promoting sustainability through medical marijuana and industrial hemp.