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Aug/Sept 2007


Chameleon Glass and Lou Dog, drummer for the Kottonmouth Kings, share the latest addition to the Lou Rider drum-kit tricycle series... and this one is literally smokin'!

Almost two years ago I became an authorized caregiver and grower for legal medical marijuana patients in Oregon.

The movie was shot in Nelson, BC with beautiful backdrops of the Kootenay Mountains, and illuminates the relationship of cannabis to the mythological past and the collective unconscious.

I’ve always known that if you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself. Things are no different when it comes to cannabis.

Our revolutionary reefer man talks about Hunger S. Thompson and his recent outrageous TV interviews about Paris Hilton, immigration, Republican scandals, prison time, and pot.

Growing cannabis in conjunction with the moon and zodiac for naturally improved results

Welcome?to Show Your Grow, where Cannabis Culture magazine readers and website forum members can share photos of their gardens with the world! Do you have an exceptional shot to send in? Submit your favorite photo by mail or email for the chance to be printed, and if it shows up you can contact us for your free 6-issue subscription to Cannabis Culture magazine.
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