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May/June 2007


New stoner-centric stuff is always sent to CC for review, so we’re finally giving products the promotion they deserve – for better or for worse!

Cannabis Culture Magazine’s newest contributor writes about pot, prison, his love of laughter, and plans for the future!

Raids in Canada, new US state laws, and a New Hampshire Supreme Court case have paraphernalia and smoking accessories back in the news

I went to check out a massive grow room hidden away in remote British Columbia. A friend wanted me to turn his harvest trim into bubblehash.

For me, and many in the cannabis culture, there is no musical artist in history more highly regarded than Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley.

It was 1972 when my oldest brother passed me a joint and said, “Try this. It’s marijuana. You’ll like it”. He was right – I liked it, a lot!

This “Bonsai Wheel” growing machine was purchased in 2005, and has been operating continuously ever since.

Cyber-narcs are prowling social networking web sites to find and capture closet growers, tokers, dealers, and junior stoners
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