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People living in the United States are used to politics and ideology trumping fact and science. As someone who shuttled between the US and the Netherlands for several decades, I always marveled at the difference in the way the two countries treated social issues. Dutch policies towards drugs, sex and sex education, support of the arts, and pulling people into the middle class were models for progressives throughout Europe and North America.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and Western Pennsylvania District Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan are out to get me again! Buchanan is the woman behind 2003’s DEA Operation Pipe Dreams, in which the DEA went after “paraphernalia” manufacturers and distributors, and entrapped me for a business my son owned and operated called “Chong Bongs” (no doubt motivated by my reputation and what I represent).

CANNABIS CULTURE - Twenty-three year old Rachel Hoffman was pressured into becoming a police informant and killed during a botched drug sting. Her family continues the fight for justice.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Jason King features DJ Short's flavor-loaded, super-yielding Grape Krush as his Favorite Bud!

CANNABIS CULTURE - Two big frosty buds from Guppy Fish, one of CC's pro pot photographers.
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