‘Nothing Else Was Working’: Georgia Couple Gave Son Marijuana to Treat Seizures. Then They Lost Custody

A Georgia couple who say they allowed their teenage son to smoke marijuana to treat his seizures lost custody and are facing criminal charges.

Their 15-year-old son suffered several seizures a day, and they tried a variety of solutions, including prescription drugs and cannabis oil, but nothing seemed to work, the couple said. Then they allowed the boy to smoke marijuana, and the seizures stopped completely.

“Nothing else was working,” said the boy’s mother, Suzeanna Brill, who lives near Macon in Twiggs County. “I can’t have my kid dying because nobody wants to listen.”

But what the couple did broke the law, according to the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office. Someone tipped off the state, the couple was charged with reckless conduct and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services took custody of the teen.

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