Cannabis Entrepreneurs Specialize Way Beyond Buds and Brownies

As America gets accustomed to the idea of legal marijuana, entrepreneurs are branching into a host of new products and ways of thinking about cannabis experience. Smokable flower is still the top consumption method, and edibles like chocolates, lozenges and teas come in second, but all categories are growing. According to the Marijuana Business Factbook 2018, with billions of dollars of product sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the U.S. in 2017, marijuana sales were nearly nine time higher than Oreo cookies.

Cannabis as Spa treatment?

“The cannabis wellness market has been largely untapped, but that is starting to change,” says Cindy Sovine, founder of Denver-based Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge, which aims to be the nation’s first legal cannabis spa. The global wellness industry increased by 10.6 percent from 2013 to 2015, becoming a $3.72 trillion market. “One of few industries outpacing that growth is cannabis, which is growing by 30 percent a year,” said Sovine. She believes there is a natural market in developing brands, products, and experiences built around cannabis’ health and wellness properties.

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