The Women Looking to Change the Male-dominated Weed Industry: ‘We’re Not Interested in the Largest Bong Ever Built’

Activists like Danielle Schumacher are setting up networking groups for women who are looking to get into the profitable cannabis industry in the US.

When Danielle Schumacher attended her first convention of marijuana activists about 15 years ago, she could count on one hand all the women in a room of older men.

The lack of diversity struck the then-college student, who remembers feeling out of place but also determined to make her mark.

“That feeling just really stuck with me that this isn’t going to last. This is going to shift in my lifetime, and I want to be part of that,” said the San Francisco-based Ms Schumacher, who in 2014 co-founded THC Staffing Group, a recruitment firm that encourages a more diverse cannabis industry workforce.

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