PR Pros Team Up to Help Brands Overcome Marijuana Marketing Challenges

More than 60 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization – a figure that has nearly doubled since 2000. Nine states and Washington D.C. allow recreational use, and 30 states have comprehensive medical marijuana programs. You’d think with this level of support and access, promoting a cannabis company would be a breeze. But thanks to federal prohibition and ever-changing state regulations, it can be a frustrating task.

Cannabis companies are mostly barred from traditional means of advertising thanks to the drug’s federal prohibition. The industry has largely relied on social media to help get the word out. But that is not without its risks: YouTube has been shutting down cannabis-related channels. Facebook has closed the accounts of even ancillary cannabis companies. Marijuana-related businesses have had trouble using many marketing services from Mailchimp to Eventbrite. Even legitimate advocacy efforts – like an ad from a lawmaker advocating for medical marijuana bill – get caught up in Facebook’s policy against “promoting the use of illegal drugs.” (Facebook eventually apologized for removing the post.)

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