Video Catches Anti-Marijuana Canvasser Lying About Medical Cannabis Initiative to Sway Voters

Anti-marijuana groups like to claim that they’re in the moral right because they want to prevent children from becoming drug addicts or whatever their argument is. But then why would they need to lie to convince people to support them?

The Utah Medical Association is currently trying to get a medical marijuana initiative off of this November’s ballot. However, many reports have come out that the organization is informing its canvassers to lie to people so they’ll remove their names from the medical marijuana initiative.

In the video above, the canvasser makes several lies to convince the person to remove their name from the medical marijuana petition. First she claims that the initiative would make smoking marijuana a felony. Then she says it would mean patients would need a recommendation from the Utah State Health Department to get cannabis, not their physician. Eventually the canvasser leaves after trying to explain that there’s a difference between cannabis and marijuana.

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