Brett Wilson on Surviving Cancer, His Big Bet on Cannabis and His Spirit Animal

Co-founder of FirstEnergy Capital. Cannabis investor. Former Dragon. Cancer “graduate”

– My dad worked as a sales manager at a car dealership. My mother had a degree in social work. I like to say my father was a capitalist and my mother was a socialist, and that’s how I became an entrepreneur with a heart.

– I met Murray Edwards in second-year university—I was in engineering, he was in commerce—and we developed a lifelong friendship. In 1993, I got together with him and two of the best salesmen, Jim Davidson and Rick Grafton, and we set about selling Canadian oil and gas equities. I was the quarterback at FirstEnergy—the glue that kept it ticking.

– It’s illogical to think we’re reaching the end of the road for fossil fuels. Hundreds of protesters don’t really stack up against 36 million people driving in cars and living in buildings built with steel melted with fossil fuels.

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