Here Are America’s Best and Worst Governors on Weed

One of America’s top legal weed advocacy groups just released its annual report card giving every governor a grade. Not everyone passed.

It’s no secret that the idea of legal cannabis is popular in America. Even Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is now in favor of “decriminalizing” the green stuff—a step short of outright legalization—while several progressive Democrats who will presumably run for president in 2020 are staking out more aggressive pro-weed positions. Poll after poll shows that the public at large wants legal pot, yet the country’s leaders are dragging their feet: VICE’s recent survey of senators’ positions on weed showed that very few of them thought (or were willing to declare) that weed should be legal, full stop.

But federal policy on legal pot, for now at least, is not where the action really is. It’s on the state level that battles are being fought (and very often won) by legalization advocates, meaning the country’s governors have a huge amount of power. A supportive state-level chief exec, like New Jersey’s Phil Murphy, can push to expand existing marijuana programs. An anti-weed governor, on the other hand, can block the will of his state’s own voters, which is exactly what Maine’s Paul LePage has been doing. Last year, he vetoed a bill to establish a recreational marijuana market, even though his state’s voters had said in 2016 they wanted to create one, and now he’s threatening to veto another recreational marijuana bill passed by lawmakers. (The legislature may be able to override his veto this time.)

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