Producers are Stockpiling Weed Ahead of Legalization — but it Probably Won’t Be Enough

Licensed weed producers in Canada are hoarding massive amounts of medical marijuana in their inventories in anticipation of selling it on the recreational market. But even these stockpiles won’t likely come close to meeting expected demand once weed becomes legal later this year.

Between April and December 2017, stockpiles of dried marijuana held by Canada’s licensed producers nearly doubled, to about 39,000 kilograms, according to Health Canada statistics. Producers have stashed away just over 11,000 kilograms of Cannabis oil in the same time period—more than double the inventory from eight months earlier.

They are doing so to ensure Canadians have plenty to puff, vape and otherwise consume as of “Day Zero”—the day, as yet undetermined, when doing so for shits and giggles becomes legal in the country for the first time in nearly a century.

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