These Cannabis-Infused Teas Are the Classiest Way to Get High

Even if you are open-minded about the benefits of cannabis, popular methods like eating edibles, smoking, or vaping can seem intimidating. But how about sipping on a cup of tea? Founded by two women who wanted to create a wellness product that was female-friendly, Kikoko cannabis-infused herbal teas are low-dosed, great-tasting, and completely unassuming.

“We consider ourselves to be part of the destigmatization movement, bringing it out of the drug realm and into the wellness realm,” Kikoko cofounder Amanda Jones told POPSUGAR. “We wanted to create something that was already a health ritual.”

Each tea contains a blend of organic herbal ingredients as well as a cannabis active (amounts vary by tea). Kikoko’s founders Jones and Jennifer Chapin worked with a team of scientists and an artisanal tea expert to create delicious blends with precise doses. Kikoko’s formula starts with cannabis oil, but its proprietary drying methods ensure that there is no cloudy film or weedlike aftertaste. After much research on herbal medicine, the Kikoko team selected the best ingredients to specifically address each blend’s purpose. Each tea has a different ratio of cannabinoids (some with more CBD to offset the amount of THC and so forth). Consumers have the option of the following four teas:

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