The Rise of Cannabis Skincare

Marijuana moisturiser, sativa serum, pot perfume — the beauty industry has found its next hit.

“Cannabis is America’s latest gold-rush,” says Alexia Inge, the co-founder of website Cult Beauty, which is known for spotting industry trends. While the plant itself has been on the fringes of the beauty industry for some time, it’s the cannabis-derivative cannabidiol (or CBD) that is now getting all the hype. As the legalisation of marijuana use in certain US states and discoveries about the medical benefits of the fabled green plant filter into the beauty industry, cannabidiol, which has no psychoactive effects, is about to hit the mainstream as the next miracle ingredient.

The cannabidiol-focused beauty brand MGC Derma, which launches this month on Cult Beauty, appealed to Inge in part because of its connection with parent company MGC Pharmaceuticals, which develops medical cannabis products for treating conditions from Alzheimer’s to autism.

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