Some of the Best People Smoke Pot

In 1969, Maclean’s interviewed a lawyer, a doctor, a professor and a psychologist who all smoked pot, proving the drug had shown a tremendous upward mobility.



THE INTERVIEWS THAT follow may shock you or touch you or make you mad or make you laugh. They will make you think. We have all heard that marijuana, once the “noxious,” “crippling” and “degrading” preserve of criminals, jazz musicians, delinquents and, latterly, hippies, has shown a tremendous upward mobility in the last few years. This is true. It’s no pipe dream — it’s here. The virtues and dangers of marijuana are debatable but its wide acceptance is obvious. Many of my acquaintances, in the silly lexicon of this underground revolution, “turn on” and profess to believe that doing so is harmless as well as wonderfully pleasant. I don’t know any criminals, jazz musicians, delinquents or hippies. I do know a lawyer who says, “Half the law students in the country smoke pot. It is just a matter of time until our legal institutions are comprised mainly of pot-heads. Do you think it will be illegal then?”

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