Colorado is Finally Getting its First Cannabis Club

The city of Denver granted its first license on Monday to a business that will allow marijuana use on its premises. The Coffee Joint plans to charge patrons a $5 entry fee and permit them to consume their own cannabis in edible or vapor form.

Denver voters approved a measure to create a social-use pilot program in 2016. Interested businesses like cafes and art galleries must jump through several bureaucratic hurdles to apply – including obtaining the support of a neighborhood group. The Coffee Joint was the first business to submit an application and received no opposition to its plan to allow cannabis consumption on its premises. Businesses that serve alcohol are barred from applying.

While several states have now legalized adult-use marijuana, no state has implemented a social-use program yet. The lack of cannabis-friendly space presents challenges for tourists and residents alike, who are legally only allowed to consume cannabis in private residences. Denver’s pilot program was the first regulated program of its kind – although states including Alaska, Nevada, and Massachusetts have been discussing implementing a similar program.

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