Cron Island – Iceland’s First Cannabis Board Game

CANNABIS CULTURE – It all started with myself and a close bunch of Icelandic stoners meeting up in a weekly club. We decided  on Tuesday as our meeting day, after answering the question ​”What’s your least favorite day of the week?”  – and we decided to make it our favorite.

Every Tuesday we met up, lit up and mixed cocktails, three to be exact. To pass the time, we began to play a game that started with with three simple slips of paper labeled “Gun.”  We started turning one bedroom into the 5to9 Games office, later that office traveled from summer houses to apartments to office buildings and is now 3 years later based in Reykjavík, Iceland where we are from. The number per capita one weed smoking country in the world.

And don’t forget that Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world.

The Cron in Cron Island is cannabis, obviously, because Cron is what we call cannabis on our island. 

Your mission is to pick one of six heroes, every hero has it’s unique perks and subgoals. These subgoals are for leveling up, so you hopefully get strong enough to take down the ultimate tyrant John Cron III (He’s the kingpin).

We changed the regular Hit Points to High Points (HP) so your hero must get cron to stay alive. You will face the police, the other heroes and some bad guys of course.

There are plenty of cool items that can help you stay out of jail and the hospital. Also there are plenty of weapons and gadgets that will help you on your overall journey. The journey to “Legalize it”.

We started showing our work on Instagram and people seemed to like it. Then we had more and more people come game test with us and give us their thoughts. We knew we were on to something when a game tester called it “the GTA of board games”. That was cool. We went to U.K.G.E in Birmingham Britten and Essen Speil in Germany to demonstrate our game which was a great experience. We created a funny way to spend time with your friends and we believe two friends from Iceland can make a difference.

Legalize it, one turn at a time.



Cron Island boardgames photo courtesy of Boss_Lyssa