San Diego Pop-Up Dinners Pair Cannabis With Food

Marijuana supper clubs arrive on the local dining scene.

January 1, 2018 brought an entire new industry to San Diego’s doorstep: legalized cannabis. And, considering marijuana and food have been bedfellows since the beginning of time (munchies, anyone?), it’s no surprise that San Diego’s chefs and epicureans are eager to get in the game, and have done so mainly by launching dinners that pair cannabis consumption with high-end dishes.

One dinner event, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, is the Closed Door Supper Club, run by Marie Daniels, who also owns a public relations company. “The idea of the supper club is two-fold,” Daniels said. “It allows my chef friends the space to experiment with an ingredient that requires them to create menus through a dynamic lens, outside their normal routine of the restaurant. It also creates an experience for diners who love sitting at the chef’s table, or always order chef’s choice or go out of their way to try something new. In this case, cannabis infused foods.”

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