I Proudly Smoke Weed as a Mom, and Guess What? I’m Still a Really Good Mom

When I was pregnant with my daughter almost three years ago, many people assumed I would stop living my cannabis lifestyle because I was about to become a mom. While I would confidently tell them that my love for weed wouldn’t change after the baby was born, my reply was always met with looks of disapproval, shock, or pity. It was completely unfathomable to people that I intended to return to smoking weed after I had my daughter, which is why I decided to do something about it and created Blunt Blowin’ Mama, an Instagram account where I share the importance of normalizing cannabis, specifically when it comes to women and moms.

Society has ingrained in us all what motherhood should look like, and that definitely doesn’t include smoking weed. The problem with that is that people forget that moms are still women who have desires, wants, and various indulgences that don’t necessarily revolve around their children. Now, before I get labeled as a “bad mom,” I want to say that my daughter has always been a top priority for me. I do not smoke weed in the house, and I never smoke in front of her. Since she’s still a toddler, I haven’t had to worry about hiding my cannabis use either. But it’s something I have talked about with my partner as we plan to have a very meaningful conversation with her when she gets older about why mommy and daddy smoke weed, how it’s legal in California where we live, and why some people may not agree with it.

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