Overgrow Canada Offers Free Marijuana Seeds to Canadians

CANNABIS CULTURE – From now until February 10, Canadians can sign up to get a free package of cannabis seeds in the mail, courtesy of Overgrow Canada.

Cannabis activist Dana Larsen founded the Overgrow Canada project in 2016 as a form of civil disobedience, and has given away over seven million marijuana seeds since.

This year’s strain is called Freedom Dream, a high-CBD strain recommended for pain relief and management. The non-feminized seed packages include 100 seeds and will grow both male and female plants. Female plants will produce approximately 10 percent CBD and little THC.

Those who receive seeds are encouraged to grow their plants anywhere, particularly in “highly visible public places”, including near civic buildings and local police stations.

With the federal Liberal government promising to legalize recreational cannabis across the country this July, this may be the perfect way to show Daddy Government how seriously Canadians are taking this new approach to pot.

Sign up for your free seeds here.

Miranda Nelson

Miranda Nelson is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, B.C.