The Beauty World is Obsessed with Cannabis-Infused Products

Forget ‘puff, puff, pass.’

Weed lovers are forgoing joints and bongs for weed manicures, lotions and other cannabis-infused products.

An LA nail salon is getting buzz for offering “Canna-Cures,” or manicures in which customers soak their hands in a cannabidiol (CBD)-infused bath, reports Fashionista. The solution won’t get you high— it’s made of the legal, nonpsychoactive element found in marijuana and hemp — but it is supposed to alleviate pain and induce calm. East coasters can DIY the treatment with a $10 Kush Queen CBD relief bath bomb.

CBD- and tetrahydracannabinol (THC)-infused lotions, meant to deliver small doses of the cannabinoids through the skin, are beloved by beauty gurus and chill seekers. LEVO, an appliance that infuses oil and butter with herbs such as marijuana, allows users to create their own skin-softening blend.

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