In light of Toronto Dispensaries Shutting Down, Online Dispensaries Boom

The Liberal government’s Cannabis Act, or Bill C-45, if passed by the Senate, is expected to be placed into full effect this July 2018, legalizing and regulating recreational marijuana use across the country. It will ultimately be up to the discretion of each province and territory to mandate how marijuana may be used or sold. Ontario, however, has already put its marijuana laws into place since the passing of the bill by the House of Commons back in November 2017, having implemented an interim injunction that has witnessed raids and shutdowns of marijuana dispensaries across the city of Toronto citing violations of zoning bylaws.

Instead of privately-owned businesses, Ontario plans to implement a government-operated system of recreational marijuana distribution, proposing that the provincial Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), through a subsidiary corporation, will oversee sales and distribution both online and at 40 stores by July 2018, and an expected total of 150 stores by 2020. A permanent injunction is set for December 2018 despite the July 2018 deadline for legalization.

In light of these events, an alternative to obtaining marijuana hassle-free is purchasing from private businesses online. Looking at the services and products offered by Buying Weed Online, here’s a few reasons why an online retailer would be the better available option.

  • Convenience

Whether for recreational or medicinal use, online dispensaries can service users from all communities, whether metropolitan or suburban. Most company’s offer speedy Xpresspost delivery right to your door, with shipping typically only taking 1-2 business days. This is an excellent ordering system for those who do not have the time to visit dispensaries, and for those suffering from physical or mental ailments that may hinder them from making the trips back and forth. Email receipts will also provide a digital record of order histories and what users have purchased and tried, as opposed to unreliable memory and physical receipt copies that may often get lost or misplaced. In addition, website layouts allow the ability to categorize and filter available or preferred products, making for an easier shopping experience.

  • Privacy

Using online dispensaries offers the comfort of one’s own privacy and shopping paces, whereas in-person dispensaries might give a sense of social discomfort being the single or one of few customers during dead hours. In-person dispensaries can also (especially with so many shutting down in Toronto) often be rushed due to busier hours and customer traffic. Privacy through online shopping would also grant some users a sense of safety and discreteness considering that the use of marijuana can still be seen as taboo in various communities, despite the current nationwide process of legality. For Example, to make sure customers are guaranteed their privacy, GreenSociety checks and double seals every order so that each order is odorless, and with Xpresspost, the order contents are not disclosed anywhere on the labelling or packaging.

  • Selection

Due to having a wider audience and customer base (being the internet), online shops typically have warehouses to maintain larger supplies of products from numerous sources to keep up with demand. Their vast stock being online also allows customers to compare products and look up reviews during the shopping experience. In comparison, storefronts are restricted to what is available at hand and, often, that also means what is locally available to the area. Online Dispensary’s carry full range of selection from flowers, edibles and concentrates. That brick and mortar stores carry less variety does not only limit choices, but employees may try to upsell products simply because there are so few options, making products seem more appealing than they would otherwise be.

Of course, as with any other online purchase, users should research their distributors of choice to ensure their legitimacy and certification, and to guarantee safety and quality of the products. If your new to online dispensary’s, Green Society MMJ is a great place to start buying medical marijuana from home.